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January 2007 Additions

1/5 Top Rope Promotions - Fall River, MA

1/6 Matt & Jeff Hardy Autograph Session - Meriden, CT

1/10 Bret

1/13 Defiant Pro Wrestling - Naugatuck, CT

1/19 UWA Hardcore - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

1/20 Niagara Falls, NY

1/20 Nex Era Wrestling - Tonawanda, NY

1/26 Edge & Randy Orton Autograph Session - Milford, CT

1/27 Powerhouse Wrestling - Worcester, MA

Latest Additions!

TNT Pro Wrestling
September 23
Winder, GA
If anyone can help me out with some names of the wrestlers, I'd appreciate it!
September 30
Bridgeport, CT
Fitch Football - JV vs NFA
September 25
Groton, CT
Beardsley Zoo
September 30
Bridgeport, CT

Latest Additions Sept 30, 2006

NWA Pro Wrestling 9/29/06
Newark, NJ

TNT Pro Wrestling 9/23/06
Kennesaw, GA

April 21, 2006: Massive overhaul

I'm trying to organize my albums a little bit better, so bare with me while I rearrange everything.

Added pics from my vaca in San Diego!

March 26, 2006

I am currently updating the photo tags on my wrestling photos. This will make it easier for you to find photos of certain wrestlers. Let me know know if it helps any.

Latest additions:

3/24 PW Elite - Boonton, NJ

3/25 ROH Fan Invasion of Central Park
Fun times with Fun Friends!

3/25 UXW - Old Bethpage, Long Island, NY

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